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Grateful. Appreciative. Thankful. 

#RealTalk: Being thankful is a true understatement when expressing how I feel about my loved ones. Thank you all for molding me into the person I am today. You can see them pictured below. 


My parents, sisters & family | for being the permanent loves of my life. And also my personal motivation crew.

Dr. Cheryl Hall | for being the professor in PT school to not only interview me, but gave me the idea to say yes to a pelvic floor clinical. 

Rachelle Bojer | who is not only an amazing pelvic floor PT (on Long Island for anyone of you who are looking!) but has become a beautiful part of my life as a mentor & friend. You can find her at Lotus Physical Therapy in Huntington, Long Island. 

Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehab Institute | for giving me the nuggets of knowledge I have valued so far to succeed in my career. 

Danielle Siconolfi | thank you for creating my logo! You can find more of her work here

My patients | you are the reason why I am grateful every day. I want to see you succeed and I do this for you. Thank you for believing when I don't have the courage to believe in myself. 

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