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10 Things We Wish Men Knew About Women's Health

This post was written by Labor With Love and I fell in love with these words right away!

Here we go:

1) Our period cramps are akin to early birth labor contractions... and we've gotten them every month... since we were kids.

2) We have high maintenance "after sex" routines that if we don't do will result in UTI's (urinary tract infections), yeast infections, or BV (bacterial vaginosis).

3) Foreplay is not making out and fingering for 2, 5, or even 10 minutes.

4) Neither is going down for 2 minutes - SOMEBODY HAD TO SAY IT!

5) If you have to ask, then she did not. If you did ask & she said yes, 9/10 she lied to spare your feelings & not make things awkward.

6) Having a period is basically another bill because tampons and pads can cost around $20 per month. Think about that the next time you're broke and how we have to pay that just for having a uterus.

7) Birth control wreaks havoc on our bodies.

8) Most of our sexual pleasure comes from clitoral stimulation and foreplay - not penetration.

9) The process of our pubic hair growing back is literal torture; if she shaves for you, be grateful.

10) Gestures to/for your partner don't have to be romantic or meaningful. Acts of service go a long way for most women even if it's not their #1 love language.

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