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All Things Pelvic Podcast!

Hi everyone!

Phew. It has been a LONG TIME since I have posted on here, but there is a beautiful reason for that. I have been creating a podcast to go along with my website & Instagram for the past few months.

All Things Pelvic is a podcast where I talk about my day to day as a pelvic floor PT and of course I will bring up the many ridiculous events that happen in my life along with topics that most people feel uncomfortable talking about (all things sex, pelvic floors of course, social justice, racism). It's been a bit of a process, but I am so excited to share what I have created. I am hoping that this will create a better platform for you all to hear conversations that I have with my friends / guests regarding pelvic floor PT, culture and social topics.

As you know, I always strive for real talk and good vibes - which is exactly what you will be getting within my podcast episodes.

Where can you find it?!

I am currently streaming on: Spotify and Acast

Will soon be streaming on: Apple podcasts

Click the link below for all current episodes:

Episode 1: All Things: Dried Up

Episode 2: All Things: They / Them / Theirs

I hope you enjoy my new project and I hope that this is an easier way for you to understand what my colleagues and I do on a daily basis to get our patients better. Enjoy!

With love always,

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