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I started my own company!

Hi everyone!

I've noticed that there has been an increase in subscribers within the past few months - with that being said, I have GREAT NEWS!

I started my own physical therapy company a few months ago! I will continue to use this site as much as possible (answering questions, posting, etc), but my main focus will be on my business.

If you are interested in booking a session / want to know about physical therapy (whether that be pelvic floor or orthopedic conditions), I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Please feel free to check out my business website here or with the link below.

You can fill out a contact form where we can schedule a FREE phone consultation.

Please feel free to call or text my business number as well.

Communication is very important to me. While I want to answer everyone right away - I officially has a business to run!

I take pride in answering my patients and future patients back as soon as possible.


Phone: 862-352-9080

IG: @alyssa.hariprashad.dpt

I am looking forward to continuing to advocate for all things pelvic!

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