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Let’s Talk About Comfortable Sex Positions

I think the name says it all. If you are someone suffering from painful sex positions while trying to be intimate with your partner, this blog is the one for you. Your pelvic floor muscles help to achieve orgasm and they are also responsible for maintaining erections as well as maintaining sexual sensations. What are some tips and tricks to maintain comfortable sex positions?

1. Knees above your hips: Any position where your knees are slightly higher than your hips will place your pelvic floor into a more “relaxed” position. Example: laying down on your back with your knees towards your chest.

2. Foreplay / lubrication: Sometimes these two components can be overlooked. Don’t be afraid to tell your partner what you like and what you don’t like. This is important for your sexual health to enjoy those intimate moments. Don’t be embarrassed to get some lubrication (lube) in the mix either. Lube tends to have a stigma behind it, but don’t knock it till you try it. Have some on hand (literally) and give it a try!

3. Get on top: This may seem counterintuitive, but if you are the one on top you are more likely to control the depth of penetration. Since you have the control, you are able to maneuver yourself into positions that feel good for you too.

4. Pillows underneath the legs: when there’s difficulty with getting into certain positions, try placing / propping pillows underneath your knees / hips to relieve any pressure you may be feeling in the areas. Example: if you are laying on your back, try propping one pillow underneath each knee. This places your legs and pelvic floor in a more relaxed position where you don’t knee to try and hold them up.

There are also various products that can be used in order to control the depth of penetration. The “Oh Nut” is a wearable product designed to feel like skin that can be used to place on a penis before intercourse. The product is meant to control the amount of penetration (comes in different sizes and is adjustable) and is designed to feel pleasurable for both partners. What can get better than that?


With love always,

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