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Quarantine & Chill

Take Home Messages & Nuggets

- Get to know me better until we get to the real pelvic stuff

Q & A on Pain with Intercourse coming later this week!

- Learn some ways to decrease stress during this time

- Recommendations for general health & wellness

- Netflix recommendations. Now who wouldn't want to hear those?


Since pelvic floor PT is a huge part of my life, I couldn't help but try to think of way to help relax the pelvic floor and our bodies in general - especially if you are someone who tends to be anxious!

So why not share the wealth, right? The topics / ways to destress that I am about to share can be used at all times and not just during quarantine.

Disclaimer: Remember just because I have used the following products - this DOES NOT mean they are for everyone.

1. Self Care

This will always be my first love. Taking care of yourself should always be a number one priority. Here are some of the products that are keeping me sane during quarantine.


I am all about any type of scent that can instantly calm me down. This can include candles, perfumes and of course the incense shown in the pictures below. CINNAMON PROJECTS has your ins and outs with calming fragrances. My personal favorite are their incense burner sets.

You can buy their products here |

Instagram | @cinnamonprojects


The Women In The Window | A. J. Finn

In Five Years | Rebecca Serle

One Day in December | Josie Silver

Sex Without Pain (there's the pelvic floor PT in me) | Heather Jeffcoat


Dr. Death

Straight Up with Stassi

The Pelvic PT Rising

Dirty John

Around The Way Curls

I have to give a true shout out to Antoinette and Shanti because these two women have really kept me laughing and it's a great podcast to listen to in the morning to get your day started!

2. Skin Care


I ended up being insanely stressed during this time and what does that mean? Oh yeah, plenty of acne came my way. My friend luckily has a YouTube channel where she addressed her top products on skin care. You can check it out here! *Remember, everyone's skin is different - take these recommendations with a grain of salt!

5 Steps to CLEAR SKIN | How I got RID of my ACNE

Find her other videos here:

Youtube | Evelyn Mandelli

Instagram | @evelynmandelli


What happens when all of the salons and waxing places are shut down?

We look like wolves, that's what happens.

Check out this company called Flamingo. They saved my life with their at home waxing kit !

3. Exercise

As a Physical Therapist, I will always preach the importance of exercise. For some, this may not be the most calming & relaxing idea, however exercising will always be beneficial to increase your blood flow and maintain your optimal health.

Nike App

Beachbody on Demand


Founder Katia Pryce, always tells her followers to "Keep Moving"

They also offer online classes and personal sessions!

Instagram | @dancebody

PopSugar Fitness

Any YouTubers out there? They have quick and fun workouts and are just a click away.


I must admit, TikTok has become a THING. If you want to learn some savage moves and burn some calories, why not do it right from your phone on a free app?

4. Home Projects & Cooking

I started laughing when one of my friends told me to consider home projects during quarantine because my plan was to watch Netflix all day. I still watched Netflix, but I also got some DIY art and cleaned out that lovely closet of mine. Clear clutter, clear mind.

5. Netflix & Chill


Don't get me started about Carol Baskin.


On a serious note, Unorthodox opened a discussion regarding pelvic health. I don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't watched, but this was a true story and Esty's voice needs to be heard.

Money Heist

Ever want to rob a bank? I can't say I have, but I was also glued to the TV while watching!

Never Have I Ever

Cute, funny and real. Just what we all need.

6. Friends & Family

My roommate Peter (long time best friend since the womb), friends and family kept me sane during this time. Having someone to quarantine with is a game changer. However if you live alone - FaceTime and Zoom have become a huge part of our life. Keep it up because staying connected is super important for our mental health.

Relaxed yet? Signing off until the next one. With love always.

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