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Linked. Connection. Community.

Here are simple ways to stay connected. 

This page will continuously be updated and is not limited to resources that can be found elsewhere. 

Know of a great page / platform that you follow? 

Let me know! Always happy to share.


I think we can all agree this search engine is our friend. Just a reminder that you can find anything on the internet (including false info), but it doesn't hurt to Google "pelvic floor rehab" and gain some knowledge!

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & more. These platforms have multiple pages and ways to stay informed. Every poster & writer is different, but this is a great way to stay informed in a less formal way. 

Type in "pelvic floor" on these pages and see which page catches your eye. 

Herman and Wallace / APTA (American Physical Therapy Association)

These two companies not only play a huge role in rehab & pelvic floor, but they have beautiful resources listed in order to stay connected. 

If you are trying to find a practitioner in your area, these are great resources to use. 

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